Tableau Workshop

The Perfect Hands-On Workshop for Beginners and Intermediates to Jump-start your Career

27th Sept 2021

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Professional, Managers and Developers who want to learn Tableau

How does this workshop work?

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 7

Introduction and installation

Tableau interface and datatypes

Creating tableau views

Filters and drills

Arithmetic calculation and logic statements

Mega session: Dashboard sharing and doubts

Fundamentals of Tableau public

Understand Different Plots

Learn and implement in Tableau public

Create Dashboard and prepare interactive stories

Summarize your visuals and draw inferences

Explore career pathways after completion of this learning

Breakdown a live case study throughout

Reserve a Seat for ₹ 999/-   ₹ 19,999/-

Reserve a Seat for ₹ 999/-   ₹ 19,999/-

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Tableau shortcuts


Shortcuts for all that you will learn in workshop

Dashboard and storybuilding

Day 6

Exclusive Bonuses in Mega Webinar Only !!

Exclusive Bonuses in Mega Webinar

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